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FREE Membership - Manufacturers and Distributors may join for free.   See "Costs" below for more information.

EDI Information.com is a site that will help you control your EDI costs and manage your EDI environment.  As you may know, EDI is a fluid environment and you need to be continually aware of any changes that will have an effect on your trading relationships.  This site puts everything you need in one place.

Partners/View All allows you to view a database of HUB companies (Sears, Macys, SAKS, etc.).  You may select any number of these companies to display on MyPage.   Then, when you go to MyPage/View Partners and click on one of the companies you selected, that partner's information will be displayed.

Partners/Submit New allows you to request that we add a new HUB Company; simply provide us with the company name.  If you have any additional information about the company, you should include that as well.   Once we have your request, we will find all the EDI Information about that company and post it on the site.   We will then maintain this company's information for your use.

Partners/Submit Update provides a form to add useful information about any existing HUB partner. With all members contributing updates about HUB companies, the site will continue to provide you with the most current information available.   Although we will continue to update information about all HUBs, we may not find out about a change as fast as one of our members.

Partners/Submit Chargeback is similiar to the form above, but provides a means to add information about chargebacks that pertain to a particular partner.  This will help all members to know about and, hopefully, avoid these costly expenses.

MyPage/View Partners is where you will probably spend most of your time on this site.  Once you have selected all of your partners from the Partners/View All page, you will be able to use this sub-set of companies to view their EDI information and track changes specific to your partners.  Whenever we uncover new information regarding any of your partners, you will be notified via email, if you select that option on the sign up form.  This can help avoid expensive chargebacks.  Whenever you visit MyPage/View Partners, you will quickly see if any partners have new Partner Update or Chargeback information because their names will appear in red.   They will stay red until you have clicked on their name and looked at this new information.  Therefore, you will not forget to review any of the important partner updates.
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MyPage/Updates and Chargebacks is where you can view the two most current Updates and Chargebacks for all of your partners.

MyPage/Update My Information will allow you to make changes to your member information.   This is also where you can change your password.

MyPage/Membership Benefits links you to this page which describes Membership Benefits.

General EDI Info provides a general overview of EDI and FAQs about EDI.

EDI Jobs (NEW!) will allow you to review current EDI job openings and to post any New EDI Job Openings that may be available at your company.

Vendors will provide you with information about EDI Vendors, and the Products and Services they offer.

Contact Us is for you to request anything new, ask questions, etc.   We will do our best to get you the answers you need.

Costs - Manufacturing and/or Distribution companies who are using EDI or planning to use EDI may use the site for FREE.   For all others the annual membership fee is $250.00 per year.   Once you complete the membership form, you will have access to the site.   You will be billed for your membership if you are not part of a Manufacturing or Distribution Company.

Privacy Policy - We do not divulge any information about you to anyone without your permission.  We use your information only to provide you with our valuable service. Privacy Policy Details

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